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Can Wii Help You to Improve Your Golf Swing, Or Is it Fun Family Entertainment?

Beginning in the spring 2010, the Wii will become the last of the three current video game consoles. It will incorporate instant viewing of Netflix movies and television shows over the internet. Wii owners who have a broadband connection and a Netflix subscription will be able to watch those programs at no extra charge.

The Wii and Netflix will become a great joint venture. It will allow access to the living rooms of millions of new potential subscribers. It's by far the most popular gaming console in the U.S. and Canada.

Netflix has been determined for a very long time to offer movie streaming on as many devices as possible. Letting subscribers watch movies over the internet has become an increasingly important service for Netflix.

For the few people who are unfamiliar with Wii, the console offers players a chance to play simulations of golf, bowling, boxing, tennis and baseball. Wii comes complete with two wireless controllers that have built-in motion sensors. Another sensor is positioned on top of the television and Wii players perform the same motions that they want their virtual player onscreen to execute.

Does Wii have the potential to sharpen sports skills? Playing the video games in order to sharpen real life sports skills isn't a completely ridiculous idea. Obviously if you've never swung a golf club before, maybe it'll help you to learn how to golf swing mechanically.

Avid Wii gamers claim that Wii can be used as a fitness tool? It's ridiculous too think that flicking your wrist is considered exercising. Although the games on Wii is fun, if I wanted an actual workout I'd sign up for a work out program at a fitness center.

Video game playing isn't generally associated with sports skills, exercising or physical activity, however in the age of Nintendo Wii this could be the case. Regardless of the legitimacy of these claims, Wii remains a very popular console and Nintendo has sold 1.5 million of these $249.99 systems to date.

Consequently, intensive Wii playing has led to numerous reported accidents. Wii related injuries and household damages. People have actually been reported and photographed with black eyes and bruises, broken ceiling lamps, smashed windows, broken television sets, Wii controllers stuck in walls, broken pottery, injured pets (including a cat who lost a tooth to a Wii controller) along with their accompanying stories.

Although there are still many people who view Wii as simply a means of fun family entertainment. Nintendo has undoubtedly revolutionized the way in which video games are played and perhaps even the sole purpose of playing them. Whenever a new console is about to be introduced in stores people will wait in long lines overnight,and say things like "I can't wait to get my hands on it!"

History is clearly very important to Nintendo. Never has this been more apparent than for Nintendo's Wii pronounced "we", a machine that wants to revolutionize the way we play games forever!

A feature that will endear it to older players is the fact that once you've hooked your console up to broadband, you can download classic Nintendo and Sega games. The Wii is also backward compatible with the GameCube, which is good news for those who cherished that unloved square box.

Nintendo is hoping that this will attract friends and relatives, parents, younger brothers and sisters and put the Wii back into the hearts of fun family entertainment.

So will this be a real revolution? So after you've conquered Wii Sports, what else is there left to look forward to? After the relative failure of the old-fashioned GameCube, Nintendo is taking a huge leap of faith forward with the Wii.

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